Guilty Pleasures

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Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Have you ever given your new boyfriend / girlfriend exactly the same scent that you ex was wearing? Don’t feel bad, me too. I’ve surveyed 248 people and guess what? 65% have done the same! Myself including, multiple offender in fact.

The same trend is been seen here in Dubai too, during the short survey conducted by Talmira Perfumes, Dubai’s own locally made designer perfume.

I know, I know:

  • those holidays just jump out of cake and suddenly its Valentine’s, Eid or New Year and it is just a familiar, idiot proof solution
  • you’ve always loved that particular scent, maybe a significant person in your life ie brother, best friend, coach etc was wearing it and it left that imprint on you forever (maybe you even introduced it to them back when you’ve met)
  • you loved his / hers scent, and maybe you still can’t forget your ex (it’s a whole different story)

As much as there isn’t much fundamentally wrong with that, makes you wonder when you yourself receive a bottle of perfume, right? And since there is a hint of cringe involved you may want to up your game and attempt to be more selective the next time you go perfume shopping for someone.

These are the few tips to help you choose the perfume for someone fairly important to you, without dragging the ghosts out of their chambers:

  • Look at their face. If your ex was a tanned Scandinavian type with blue eyes and Roman nose (maybe he even sailed across the Atlantic), Chanel Allure Homme Sport (Brit by Burberry, Creed Neroli Sauvage, Citrus Effronté by Talmira) that suited him won’t really fit a Friends’  character Ross (212 NYC by Carolina Herrera, Bleu de Chanel, Aventus by Creed, Cedar Oud by Talmira) who is staring at screens all day and wears black for funerals and weddings. If your girlfriend reminds you of sunshine and Tuscany sun (Victoria’s Secret Love is Heavenly, Dolce Vita by Christian Dior, Tom Ford Soleil Blanc,  Béatitude by Talmira), but wears Chanel no. 5 she gets on Easter from her mother, maybe it’s time you spend some quality time in the shop offering perfume for women.
  • Look at him or her again! Scent should add harmony to the image, not stand out like a KFC chicken drum on a vegan brunch platter. Chocolate skinned Caribbean surfer is best expressed in airy freedom notes of Cool Water by Davidoff (Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne by Jo Malone, Velvet Haze by Byredo, or Amber Yuzu by Talmira) rather than intense oudy notes of M7 by ISL. There are myriads of perfume for men to choose from but keeping their features in mind will help to establish the starting point.
  • Play along. If your significant other is already a fan of a particular brand or note – explore it. Tom Ford’s White Orchid worshiper may be pleasantly surprised with his Black Orchid.
  • Dive deeper. If he’s got to have tobacco scent on his skin, try Versace Eros, Noble XVII Baroque Coriander Masculine by Clive Christian, Voile de Chocolat or Cedar Oud by Talmira) to challenge his love of Toscan Leather by Tom Ford  he’s had for years. If all her perfumes have distinct vanilla traces, experiment with chocolate (Hugo Boss’ BOSS The Scent for Her, Cannabis Santal by Fresh, Amour de Cacao by Sud Pacifique,  Voile de Chocolat by Talmira). . .
  • Break the rules. Be brave, if they’ve been with one perfume for ages, try something they would love it or hate it. Google top ten perfume brands if you don’t know where to start and take it from there.
  • Enjoy the discovery!By Tanya Kutsenko

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