Sign up for our workshops for perfume lovers who want to create their own scent.


Plenty of time will be spent on the theory and then we will work with a large number of ingredients to create your first perfume


Perfume creation is truly a magical experience and to ensure proper knowledge transfer we will work in the small groups of no more than 5 people. This will allow you to get all the help and support you may need


Workshops are priced at AED 300, include refreshments and sweets, and a bottle of perfume you make & take home.


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So what do we actually do at perfume workshops and why participate?

Let’s just dethrone a few myths that may stop you from participating, and as we will do that the answers will come forward


Myth 1

Good perfume can be only developed in state-of-the-art scientific labs and therefore are only limited to big corporations

99% of all perfume formulas used by the big brands are being designed by independent freelance perfume scientists. Only few perfume houses have permanent contracts with perfume developers. As much as perfume creation can be an extremely resourceful and scientific project, it is all done by individuals who now have access to most of the elements they need to develop a scent. Most regular and niche perfume brands were started at the developers’ homes and later put forward to production.

So don’t be discouraged by the science, and follow your nose to create your unique scent.


Myth 2

I have found my favorite scents / brands, why bother? I don’t have time or believe I can create something worthy.

Participating in new activities is training the brain to create new neural pathways. New activity is always a little contribution to brain’s ability to keep memory sharp and engage in learning in general.

You won’t become a second Yves de Chiris (famous parfumeur whose direct ancestor was a character in Susskind’s novel Perfumer), but only you know which scents deeply resonate with your true self. You will be surprised what an exciting journey is to follow your nose and to create a ME fragrance.

At our perfume workshops, you will get a good intro into the perfume making trade and tricks. You will have all the materials and tools to take the first step and develop your scent. Most of participants are new to the activity, so everyone is on the same boat.

I will help you as it may be required. And my biggest aspiration and goal is that you leave the workshop with the new knowledge, having met new friends over Arabic coffee and sweets, holding a bottle of the unique scent you’ve created. And if you wish to work on the scent further and develop a distinct formula, we will be more than happy to help.

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