Cedar Oud



Unisex, spicy woody, aromatic

A duet of ripe petitgrain and spicy pink pepper dominates the tope notes of this perfume. The composition of this fragrance is refreshing, yet with an oriental soul.

The aromatic heart of green tea, crystal peony, delicate cotton and playful cardamom allow Cedar Oud to give a feeling of freshness and wake you up. Perfect picture to start your day, isn’t it?

It may seem that this fragrance is only intended for men. But you will be surprised how many ladies fell in love with it.

Cedar Oud would not be an Arabian perfume if it didn’t have a sensual base. The fragrance consisting of seemingly fresh notes, sits on the skin with warm amber, smoky oud, coniferous accord of cedar wood, vetiver, myrrh, spicy saffron, civet, oak moss, cloves, musk and the aroma of Tolu balsam.

Cedar Oud is a perfume about about strength and a desire to conquer new heights. It will be an excellent companion for both a business man and a self-confident woman


Top notes: petitgrain, pink pepper


Heart notes: green tea, peony, cotton, cardamom


Base notes: amber, oud, cedarwood, vetiver, myrrh, saffron, civet, oakmoss, clove, musk, balsam Tolu


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