dummy | Talmira 2022 This fragrance is an alchemy's formula for making or awaking very special memories and dreams. Voile de Chocolat dummy | Talmira 2022 This men’s fragrance invigorating scent of cedar seasoned with pink pepper and oriental spices, cardamom and saffron, will impress with its exoticism and masculinity, while velvet vetiver and amber will add a bit of a mystery Cedar Oud dummy | Talmira 2022 Oudy and animalic, Oud Excentrique is an alpha-kind of scent to wear. Daring tonca bean and patchouli meander through flowery and fruity middle notes Oud Excentrique dummy | Talmira 2022 Seductive, sweet, oriental and powdery, this best-selling perfume matches with a woman who seeks and transcends beauty from within. Sweet frangipani flower, which was worshipped by the ancient Aztecs, has been the symbol of eternal femininity for centuries. Béatitude dummy | Talmira 2022 Yuzu infused Oriental powdery perfume that makes all necks turn as you walk into a room. It combines depth of amber with sophistication of oak moss at the base, making it solidly warm and feminine. Amber Yuzu dummy | Talmira 2022 This unisex citrus fragrance is fresh, invigorating and energetic Citrus Effronte
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Talmira niche perfumery

Talmira Perfumes is a niche fragrance brand from the capital of Arabian perfumery, Dubai. The purpose of our fragrances is to make you feel and look elegant, classy and chic.

The process of creating each perfume is magic… we create all formulas ourselves and don’t imitate already known fragrances.

Our creations are a sensual blend of Arabic and French perfumery traditions. You can feel the magic our our fragrances, the reaction of those around you will surprise you.

After all, you would like your scent to be associated only with you and no one else. There is a simple solution – become the owner of an unusual fragrance which is different from anything you ever tried before.

I created the fragrances myself and our perfumes are produced in Dubai which is already a guarantee of quality.

Our fragrances is an absolute extravaganza of aromas – magical, unusual, daring and charming. Nobody has remained indifferent to them yet!

Just imagine, your scent will be absolutely unique and exclusive!
Myself and the team are always there and we look forward to hear from you at sales@talmira.com.

Scent-cerely Yours,