Oud Cuir

Eau de parfum

New collection

Oriental but not too intense, gourmand oud and leather


Top notes – bergamot,
Heart notes – nutmeg, powder
Base notes – oud, cedarwood, sandal wood, amber, musk, leather, vanilla, clove, patchouli, labdanum, vetiver


The latest addition to our collection, an Arabic perfume with a European soul. The intoxicating aroma of Oud Cuir envelops you in an exquisite cloud of oud. Despite the sweet vanilla notes it has a strong character due to the presence of leathery guaiac tree and sharp smokey cedar wood.
This unisex scent will suit self confident men as well as elegant women who appreciate class, chic, individuality. The fragrance fits perfectly into the scenery of a modern metropolis.  Its exquisite woody and oriental accords are designed to make others fall in love with you, enchant and tempt

Concentration 25%
Packaging Black matt cardboard box with gold embossing



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olfactory marvel!

“Talmira’s chocolate perfume Oud Sucré is an olfactory marvel. From its morning application to the late-night hours, the scent evolves beautifully. It opens with a rich, indulgent chocolate note that gradually transforms into a delightful, fruity dry down by nightfall. What’s truly remarkable is its longevity; it lingers all day, ensuring that you’re enveloped in its captivating aroma from dawn to dusk. This perfume is a testament to Talmira’s artistry, offering a dynamic olfactory experience that enchants the senses throughout the day.”

Great scent!

Poudre d’Or is nothing short of a revelation. Despite being crafted for women, this fragrance feels tailor-made for me as a man. Its alluring blend reminds me of fragrant powder infused with the subtle interplay of pepper, peach, cedar, and musk. On days when I seek to captivate with a more understated aroma, this perfume effortlessly outshines the typical masculine wood and citrus scents. It’s become my secret weapon for leaving a lasting, sophisticated impression


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