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Having lived in Dubai for more than 20 years, I myself have become “easternized”. And this was transferred to my fragrances. They cannot be called absolutely Arabic, but the East is invisibly present in them.

In fresh citrusy Vigor oriental favorites sandalwood and tonka bean have taken their place in the base of the perfume.

Cedar Oud is a set of essential spices for any oriental aromatic dish – cloves, cardamom, saffron.

Dulcedo , is, on the contrary, an Arabic perfume with a European soul. It is a soft delicate velvety and warm scent with a subtle stream of oud and vanilla that seeps through the fruity and floral notes.

Poudre d’Or, floral-spicy powdery fragrance, opens with the notes of peach, pink pepper and iris, revealing a base of the clove, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, vanilla and Omani incense.

Unisex Oud Cuir is a combination of precious Oud and leather. It has a bit of middle eastern aroma, yet is delicate.

And only one fragrance, Oud Sucré, is purely gourmand and Oriental scent. It’s sweet and viscous. Chocolate, tobacco, leather, vanilla, musk, oud… So if you want to buy purely Arabic perfumes, it can definitely become your favorite.

The trail of our fragrances envelops you, flows behind you and leaves your scent wherever you appear throughout the day!

You can buy perfume in our online store and in Luxury Benetre centre in Tournai (Belgium) or Beauty Affair boutique in Dusseldorf (Germany).


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