How to apply perfume so that it lasts long?

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Properly selected and high-quality perfume is a great opportunity to complete your chosen image. Pleasant aroma has a beneficial effect on people, making them more confident.
Where to apply your perfume?
Everyone wondered how to apply your favorite fragrance so that it pleases you and males the exact effect you want to achieve.The maximum disclosure of the aromatic bouquet depends on its quality and correct application. Everyone knows that a perfume should be applied to certain points, the warmest places of our body – wrists, behind the ears, the inner part of the elbow. But here there are a few nuances that we will consider in our article.
1. Hair
Hair can absorb and effectively preserve odors as well as skin, therefore it is an ideal place for applying a perfume. It is desirable that the composition doesn’t have an alcohol, as this would make the hair dry. For even distribution, apple a fragrance on a hair brush before combing your hair.

2. Inner part of an elbow
It is advisable to apply a perfume on the skin moisturized with lotion. The lotion should be of a same scent as a perfume.
3. Nape
If you want to keep the aroma for a long time without leaving a sharp aromatic plume – this is the most suitable place. It will perfectly manifest itself in a closed space, where people are next to each other (car, elevator, small room).

4. Neck
Suitable for those who want to make the fragrance sound personal and soft. Blood vessels located close to the surface of the skin guarantee that a fragrance will completely unfold and last long but will become sound only when someone comes up close to you.
5. Neck area behind ears and wrists.
These are the most popular places for applying complex perfume compositions. Here, the blood vessels are located near the surface of the skin, which provides a comfortable temperature for the aroma bouquet to unfold.

6. Behind the knees
If you want to leave an aromatic trace behind, apply a few drops there.
How to spray your perfume?
Even the best and most expensive fragrance can be easily spoiled by improper use. We recommend to consider the following points and rules:
1. Don’t apply a perfume on clothes because it can leave stains and the fragrance composition scent maybe changed by the artificial fibers of the fabric.
2. When using Eau De Toilette, refresh it every 4-5 hours. Perfume lasts all day and it’s sufficient to refresh it in 8-9 hours, in the evening.
3. You can only apply perfume on a clean skin or hair, this will prolong its life and will make the composition unfold
You can also use this trick – spray a perfume in the air and pass through its cloud.


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