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What makes Talmira Perfumes Different?

 Arabic ambiance, French knowledge and Ukrainian commitment to excellence are the three leitmotifs of the brand. You can find them in every element: design, scents, packaging, story and ambiance.


   As a Ukrainian-born perfumer who lived most of my life in the Middle East and studied perfumery in Grasse, France, I strongly believe that as humans, we’re all citizens of the world.
   And ever since I created and launched the first collection in 2018, my fragrances have always reflected a conscious effort to tap into human versatility in taste, personality, and style.. all while leaving a pleasing, lingering aura of success.
   My curiosity about the mixing process goes far beyond the scents themselves.
   It’s the constantly-evolving aromas as they undergo rounds of trials and testings. It’s almost as though the closer I am to getting it right, the more time I spend with the formula, understanding its aromatic trail.
   I’m inviting you to a magic world of enchanting experience…

Scent-cerely yours, Talmira.


The talmira brand

A niche fragrance brand, Talmira is home to a limited collection of exclusive fragrances that help you make a statement and celebrate your unique personality.

With each droplet inspired by French and Arabic perfumery, we invite you to a new world of self-expression with our exclusive range of winged fragrances.

Throughout our limited elite collection, we’ve shifted from mass-market fragrances to a scent that is genuinely you.

Talmira fragrances are unisex, so they are a fit for anyone who’d like to be cloaked in a scent that screams “expensive!”.

From the creation to the packaging, our perfumers have honed the intricate art of world-class perfumery, using only the finest ingredients and highest concentrations to serve long-lasting fragrances.

So, if turning heads in crowds is your thing, Talmira is the perfume for you.


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“ You are creating something unreal! I’ve already Poudre d’Or and Dulcedo. They are very feminine and sensual. It’s just what I love! ”
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“ Can’t get enough of these scents. I keep replenishing Oud Sucré (for me) and Dulcedo (for my wife) once they are over. They became our regulars. ”
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“ Got addicted to citrussy Vigor and spicy Cedar Oud for every day and Dulcedo and Oud Sucré for special occasions ”
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“ Love Cedar Oud, using the third bottle of it already. Intense and everlasting ”
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“ I bought Cedar Oud for myself but my husband stole it from me 🙂 had to order another one ”
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“ I bought the whole collection and can’t decide till now which one is my favorite, love all of them - Vigor is my summer favorite, Dulcedo for the cold days, Poudre d’Or, Oud Sucre and Cedar Oud - all time favorites ”
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“ Poudre d’Or and Dulcedo are what I was looking for and finally found ”
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“ I ordered Dulcedo and was a bit unsure as I never bought a perfume without trying before. It’s sensational. ”

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Where to try and buy

Beauty Affair Königsallee 30 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Luxury Bienetre Rue Royale 20 Tournai 7500, Belgium


Yes, they last for up to 8 – 10 hours. We achieve this by using the highest quality ingredients blended in a perfectly formulated ratio of top, middle and top notes and a higher than usual concentration.

Our perfumer will help you with a choice and select a perfume that suits your image and personality.

In fact, there’s no such a thing in perfumery. There are no rules. You can use any scent that appeals to you. Just follow your nose.

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